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Scawd Law

Fred. Olsen Renewables Ltd has submitted proposals to the Scottish Government seeking permission to develop Scawd Law Wind Farm, on the Holylee Estate approximately 4 km north of Walkerburn.

Type Wind
Status Development
No. of turbines 8
Location 4 km north of Walkerburn in the Scottish Borders
Installed capacity 60 MW
Turbine height Up to 180m


Fred. Olsen Renewables Ltd has submitted proposals to the Scottish Government seeking permission to develop Scawd Law Wind Farm, on the Holylee Estate, approximately 4km north of Walkerburn. The site, which lies along two ridges, comprises a mix of heather moorland and is currently used for sheep farming.

The final proposals have evolved considerably from what we were initially considering. Our earlier plans comprised up to 12 turbines at 180m to tip, alongside associated infrastructure and battery storage. Following consultation and in response to feedback we have amended our proposals and the layout now consists of eight turbines up to 180m to tip.

In addition, we appreciate the feedback that we received regarding the initial proposed access route from the A72 to the south of the site. As a result of these comments our plans propose an access route that is west of the site at approximately 1km south of Colquhar.

We are confident that our plans for Scawd Law Wind Farm are appropriate for the local area. Combined with the substantial community benefit amounting to over £8m during the lifetime of the wind farm, we hope that Scawd Law Wind Farm can present many opportunities for the local community.

Have your say

We would like to thank everyone that has taken part in the consultation for our plans to develop Scawd Law Wind Farm. There is now the opportunity to make your representations on the application. 

Our plans have been submitted to the Scottish Government. If approved this will enable us to:

  • Develop a wind farm consisting of  eight turbines with a height of up to 180m to tip
  • Deliver a community benefit package of over £8m throughout the lifespan of the project
  • Provide the opportunity for up to 5% community ownership
  • Bring forward multiuse trails around the site
  • Produce 48MW of clean energy saving 1,629,705 tonnes of CO2 when replacing fossil fuel-mix electricity generation

We are pleased with the response that our proposals have received and the understanding that our plans will deliver substantial benefits locally.

Members of the public and consultees are encouraged to have their say on the plans.

You can do this online here.

Alternatively you can email Econsents_Admin@gov.scot

Or you can write to:

Energy Consents Unit
5 Atlantic Quay
150 Broomielaw
G2 8LU

All correspondence needs to include the Project Name: Scawd Law Wind Farm and Reference: ECU00002111

If you have any questions on the application documentation please contact us by email or call 07435 763 900.

The team will also be at Walkerburn Village Hall on the 25th January from 1.30pm – 7.30pm and able to answer any questions you might have.


If consented, Scawd Law Wind Farm will provide over £8m in community benefit throughout the lifespan of the project. We have been working with the community to ensure that the community benefit can address identified local challenges such as energy consumption, fuel poverty, connectivity and improving access.

In addition to the community benefit we are offering a community ownership package of up to 5% shared revenue.

We want to hear your views on how the wind farm can continue to support your community and meet local aspirations.

Get in touch by emailing communities@fredolsen.co.uk

Hillside trails

We have been exploring the potential to include mountain bike and walking trails within the wind farm development. It is intended that a planning application for the multi-use trails will be submitted to the Council on consent of the wind farm.

Prior to the submission of the wind farm application, we propose that we enter into a formal agreement with the community to provide the confidence that Scawd Law Wind Farm is committed to delivering this initiative.

We hope that this will be completed prior to our application submission later on this year.

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