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Fred. Olsen Renewables is proposing to develop Culachy Wind Farm, located on Culachy Estate, south of Fort Augustus. We are currently undertaking consultation to gather views and feedback.

Type Wind
Status Development
No. of turbines 8
Location Culachy Estate, south of Fort Augustus
Installed capacity 57.6 MW

Culachy Wind Farm

Further information about our proposals and associated consultation can be found at www.culachywind.co.uk.

Local benefits

We believe that Culachy Wind Farm can be an asset to the local area, and we would like to start a conversation with the local community and key stakeholders about how we can develop a project that will help to support the local economy as well as actively contribute towards Scotland, and the UK’s, renewable energy aspirations.

Culachy Wind Farm is expected to deliver a substantial community benefit fund throughout the lifespan of the project. This is anticipated to be over £280,000 per year – more than £9m  over the lifespan of the wind farm.

Further information can be found at www.culachywind.co.uk

Please get in touch by emailing communities@fredolsen.co.uk

Local suppliers

We are pleased that our operational projects in Scotland have managed to employ a range of local services, helping to maximise the local economic opportunities of our wind farms.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that our main contractors will spend at least 30% of the contract value locally
  • Incentivising all contractors to use local content

We want to:

  • Engage the supply chain
  • Learn about the skills/services available locally
  • Ensure that businesses are best prepared to tender

If you, or your company, are interested in the opportunities available please get in touch by emailing suppliers@fredolsen.co.uk