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Crystal Rig Solar Farm

Fred. Olsen Renewables flagship onshore renewable energy project, Crystal Rig, is located approximately 11km south of Dunbar in East Lothian and 16.5km north-west of Duns, in the Scottish Borders.

We are excited about the future and the possibilities that Crystal Rig presents. We are exploring the potential to maximise the amount of green energy produced on site by housing solar panels on the land that is currently being used by the wind farm.

Further information can be found at www.crystalrigwindfarm.co.uk

Type Solar
Status Development
Location Crystal Rig Wind Farm
Installed capacity 27.5 MW

We are exploring the potential to maximise the amount of green energy produced at Crystal Rig.

We believe that there is the opportunity to develop a solar farm, housing the panels at ground level and on the same land as the wind turbines.

At this stage we anticipate the plans will:

  • Provide a community benefit package totalling £13,750 a year – index linked
  • Have a generating capacity of up to 27.5MW
  • Create enough clean energy to power over 21,000 homes
  • Include up to 50,000 solar PV panels
  • Cover 131 hectares of land

We will be talking to residents, local groups and stakeholders to gather feedback that will, alongside the results of our technical assessments, inform the final design that we hope to submit to the Scottish Government in late 2023.

 This will allow us to ensure that Crystal Rig:

  • Secures a more consistent energy supply
  • Actively supports Scotland’s net zero ambitions
  • Delivers local and regional supply chain opportunities
  • Makes a positive contribution to the local economy

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