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Brockloch Rig I

In late 2017, Fred. Olsen Renewables purchased two wind farms (Polwhat Rig and Gallow Rig) from Windy Standard Limited. These wind farms became fully operational in November 1996 and consist of 36 Nordtank wind turbines each of 600 kilowatts (kW), providing a maximum power of 21.6 megawatts (MW). The wind farm is located in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

We are exploring opportunities to replace the existing Windy Standard I turbines with new, larger, modern turbines that utilise the latest technology. This project is called Windy Standard I Repower.

Type Wind
Status Operational
No. of turbines 36
Location 8 km North East of Carsphairn and 10 km south of New Cumnock, Scotland, DG7 3TJ
Type of turbines 600 kW Nordtank
Installed capacity 21.6 MW
Operational since 1996