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At Fred. Olsen Renewables we take our environmental responsibilities just as seriously as we do generating electricity

We have a strong commitment to develop renewable energy sources both as a sound business model as well as a genuine support of the shift to a decarbonised society.

Sustainability at a glance:

  • We own and operate 12 wind farms with 338 turbines in Norway, Sweden and UK. Our capacity is 788 MW
  • Our energy production was 2.1 TWh in 2022
  • We covered the electricity needs of ~577 000 households
  • Our renewable energy avoided ~900 000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents (tCO2eq) from being released to the atmosphere
  • Our EU Taxonomy score is '100% Aligned'
  • Our Green House Gas emissions were 1 404 tCO2eq
  • We contributed to the societies in Norway, Sweden, UK and Italy by paying 731 million NOK in taxes
  • We distributed nearly 11 million NOK to various local activities through community benefit funds
  • We were 85 employees in 2022. The gender balance was 72% males and 28% females

Relevant policies:
Sustainability Policy Code Of Conduct HSEQ Policy

Activity duty - Equality and anti-discrimination Act
(Likestillings- og diskrimineringsloven, Aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikten)
Equality And Anti Discrimination

Transparency - fundamental human rights and decent working conditions
Transparency (Åpenhetsloven)

It is embedded in our company culture to maintain a sustainable business model and to minimise the environmental footprint in all our activities