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At Fred. Olsen Renewables we take our environmental responsibilities just as seriously as we do generating electricity

We have a strong commitment to develop renewable energy sources both as a sound business model as well as a genuine support of the shift to a decarbonised society.

Sustainability at a glance:

  • We own and operate 12 wind farms with 338 turbines in UK, Norway, and Sweden with a capacity of 788 MW
  • We produced 1 713 000 MWh in 2021
  • We covered the electricity needs of approximately 390 000 households
  • Our production resulted in approximately 735 000 tonnes CO2 equivalents (tCO2eq) of GHG emissions avoided
  • Our own CO2 footprint was 1 310 tCO2eq in 2021
  • Our business development team is focusing on further expansion of the onshore wind portfolio in addition to developing floating solar prospects. We have two ongoing innovation projects to accelerate floating solar technology development
  • Work related personnel incidents: Two lost time incidents and two medical treatment cases at our sites in 2021
  • Environmental incidents: Two minor oil spills to ground, one dead bird after hitting a turbine and one dead deer after jumping on a vehicle
  • We were 73 employees at the end of 2021. Our sickness absence rate was 2.3%. The female/male employee rate was 23%
  • We contributed to the societies in Norway, Sweden, UK, and Italy by paying 228 million NOK in taxes
  • We distributed more than 10 million NOK to various local activities through community benefit funds

Read more about our environment, social, and governance performance in our ESG report.

Sustainability Policy Code Of Conduct ESG Report 2021 

It is embedded in our company culture to maintain a sustainable business model and to minimise the environmental footprint in all our activities