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Fred. Olsen Renewables cements commitment to local college students

Fred. Olsen Renewables to support future training of wind turbine technicians

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Fred. Olsen Renewables, has cemented its commitment to college students in Dumfries and Galloway. The company has pledged to provide components from Windy Standard Wind Farm, located outside of Carsphairn, to support their studies as Scotland’s future wind turbine technicians alongside providing a substantial bursary fund.

Fred. Olsen Renewables has been working closely with Dumfries and Galloway College to understand how the company can help to support the future training of wind turbine technicians. As a result, the developer has committed to providing wind turbine parts that will be removed from site as part of the repowering of Windy Standard Wind Farm to the College – ensuring that students can get hands on experience prior to entering the workforce.

Fred. Olsen Renewables has also committed to creating a Wind Turbine Technician Training fund in the form of a £10,000 bursary package at the college. The fund is gifted by Fred. Olsen Social Engagement group on behalf of Bonheur ASA which is the parent company of Fred. Olsen Renewables. This will be focused on supporting students to overcome barriers that prevent them from studying, living and working in the area.

Miles McConville, Project Manager at Fred. Olsen Renewables commented:                 

“By working with Dumfries and Galloway College we hope to ensure that students in the region are getting the best start at their careers, can access the components needed to support their training and also the funding needed to encourage them to study locally and ultimately enter into the workforce locally.

“Windy Standard Wind Farm has been operating for over 25 years. It has a long-standing history with the local community and we hope our repowering proposals continue this legacy – making a meaningful contribution to the region’s economy and communities, alongside supporting Scotland’s renewable energy ambitions.”

Fred. Olsen Renewables has been engaging stakeholders and local communities about its proposals to repower Windy Standard Wind Farm, located 9km north east of Carsphairn and 10km south of New Cumnock. The plans would see the removal of 36 turbines on site and for them to be replaced with up to nine wind turbines with a height of up to 200m to tip – generating more electricity from fewer turbines.

Many unique concepts for the local area have been explored using the decommissioned turbines on site. As part of these conversations, Dumfries and Galloway College highlighted the opportunity to provide decommissioned parts to the College – allowing wind turbine technicians in training to get hands on experience with components prior to employment.

Douglas Dickson, Vice Principal at Dumfries and Galloway College commented:             

“I am delighted that our Wind Turbine Technician students have the benefit of being able to develop their skills through using industry standard components. I am also grateful for the £10,000 bursary that has been provided to our students to support them in their studies.

“Working with our valued partners, Fred Olsen Renewables, is important to the College as we develop young peoples’ skills to enter the workforce.

“At Dumfries and Galloway College we see that it is critical to provide young people with skills in renewables and enable them to be able to contribute to our economy in the South of Scotland.”