Crystal Rig IV

Status: Consented

Number of turbines: 11

Location: Lammermuir Hills, Scottish Borders and East Lothian

Map Coordinates: : 55°54'54.2"N 2°33'56.7"W

Our application to develop Crystal Rig IV in the Lammermuir Hills has been approved. The plans, for an 11-turbine extension, will form a natural expansion of the existing Crystal Rig Wind Farm. To date, Crystal Rig Wind Farm has delivered more than £2.6m in community benefit funds to groups in East Lothian and the Scottish Borders. The new proposals will see over £8million distributed locally throughout the lifetime of the project.  

We will continue to work closely with the local communities and Councils to make sure that our wind farm can continue to support local aspirations and provide a range of economic opportunities.

Photo: Existing Crystal Rig Wind Farm

The proposed development will comprise:

11 turbines

  • Four at up to 149.9 m tip height.
  • Three at up to 174.5 m tip height.
  • Four at up to 200 m tip height.

Associated infrastructure includes:

  • External transformers;
  • Crane pads;
  • Site tracks;
  • Underground electricity cables;
  • Up to six borrow pits;
  • Forestry Felling;
  • Signage;
  • Temporary construction and storage compounds; and
  • Ancillary development.

The grid connection will be made at the existing substation on the site of Crystal Rig Wind Farm. It connects to the overhead 400 kV power line that travels through the Crystal Rig Wind Farm. It is the transmission line that provides the grid connection for the existing Crystal Rig Wind Farm and has available capacity secured for the proposed development.

Notice of Decision can be viewed here:

Notice of submission of the application can be viewed here:

The Scoping Opinion related to the application can be viewed here:

The documents that accompany the application include:

Notice of Submission of Supplementary Information – February 2019

Supplementary Information