Crystal Rig II

Status: Operational

Number of turbines: 60

Type of turbines: 2.3MW Siemens VS

Location: Nr Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1SH

Map Coordinates: : 55°54'06.3"N 2°31'09.5"W

Crystal Rig II Wind Farm received consent on 12 July 2005. Construction started in 2008 and the site was completed in 2010. The 60 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines are positioned predominantly to the west of the existing Crystal Rig Wind Farm, with turbines both within the Scottish Borders Council and the East Lothian Council. Dunbar is the closest town (approximately 10 km from the wind farm). The nearest village is Cranshaws (5.5 km south-southeast of the wind farm). The 2.3 MW Siemens turbine diameter is 93 m and the height of the towers are between 68.5 – 78.5m.

Crystal Rig I and II combined are able to provide electricity generation equivalent to the consumption of 111,000 homes, on an annual average basis.

The turbines are maintained under a contract with Siemens. Each turbine is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week and any maintenance are carried out by specially trained and qualified technicians. As well as maintaining the turbines for safety and energy production the on-site team are responsible for monitoring the local ecology such as water tables, stream water quality and maintaining the natural plant and animal life around the wind farm.

The power from Crystal Rig II is sold under a long term PPA with EDF Energy.

Community Fund

Whilst we build and operate wind farms we also focus on reducing the impact on local communities and the area’s ecology. There is a Community Benefit Fund as part of the ongoing commitments to communities in the vicinity of the wind farms. The purpose of the fund is to enable communities to carry out improvements to their local area in ways which benefit the local environment, local amenities or tourism. Each year the wind farm allocates an amount of money to the community council, which administers its disbursement to the community.

Consideration will be given to all types of project which benefit the local community and permission to proceed will be granted for ideas which successfully fulfil the aims of the scheme. Applications will be dealt with on receipt of the application form that is available from your local Community Council.