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Fred. Olsen Renewables submits plans for first Scottish hybrid scheme

Proposal to develop our first hybrid project in Scotland

• Development is a combination of onshore wind, solar power and battery storage
• Potential to generate 100MW of clean power
• Providing an efficient, and clean, supply of energy

Fred. Olsen Renewables has submitted proposals to the Scottish Government for permission to develop its first hybrid project in Scotland. Lees Hill Renewable Energy Park, located in the Scottish Borders, will bring forward a combination of onshore wind, solar power and battery storage – generating 100MW of clean power and providing over £7m in community benefit funding.

The plans for Lees Hill Renewable Energy Park have been subject to public consultation since 2022 and have been altered in response to feedback, resulting in the number of turbines being reduced, alongside the area for solar. The submitted proposals now consist of six turbines up to 200m to tip, a 60MW solar installation and 60MW of battery storage.

The development will also facilitate a community benefit fund worth over £200,000 per year to the local communities closest to the site, totalling over £7m over the projects 35 year lifespan.

Emily Galloway, Senior Project Manager at Fred. Olsen Renewables, commented:

“We are proud to submit proposals for our first hybrid scheme in Scotland. Lees Hill Renewable Energy Park helps to demonstrate the opportunities to bring forward renewable energy developments, collocating technologies, maximising grid connection and ensuring efficiency across the site. 

“I would like to thank everyone for their valuable contributions during our consultation process. The comments and feedback that we received helped to shape the final design. We look forward to working closely with all stakeholders throughout the determination process.”

The full application can be viewed on the project website, www.leeshillenergypark.co.uk.