Status: Consented
Number of Turbines: 27
Location: 15km southwest of Storuman
Map Coordinates: 65˚ 0′ 0” N, 16˚ 49′ 59.88” E

The wind farm project Verkanliden is situated 15 km southwest of Storuman, lying close to two mountains called Yttre and Inre Verkanliden.

In 2009 a building permit and environmental approval was given by the local authority for eight turbines at Yttre Verkanliden. In November 2010 Fred. Olsen Renewables decided to test the wind speed at Inre Verkanliden and found that the site was as good for electricity production as Yttre Verkanliden.

In 2014 Fred. Olsen Renewables submitted an application for a wind farm on the two mountains. The County Board gave consent in June 2017.  This has currently been appealed to a higher court.