Status: Consented
Capacity: 9MW
Location: Municipality of Tysvær, County of Rogaland
Map Coordinates: 59˚ 19′ 0.012” N, 5˚ 25′ 0.012” E

This project is a joint venture (60/40%) with Sunnhordland Kraftlag. It is located in the municipality of Tysvær, County of Rogaland. Gismarvik received consent on 30th September 2013.

The planning area is part of an industrial park called Haugaland Næringspark, with which a land agreement has been completed. The consent application calls for 15 MW of installed capacity.  Based on an 11.5 MW layout, the production is estimated at approximately 35 GWh, corresponding to the electricity consumption of roughly 1,750 Norwegian households.

The wind resource at the site is good with modelling results substantiated by anemometry data collected in the 2011 – 2013 timeframe.

The planned wind farm will be connected to the regional grid.