Status: In Consent
Number of Turbines: 10
Location: Hills of Turf Hill, The Builg and Mid Shanks, near Fetteresso Forest in Aberdeenshire
Map Coordinates: 56˚ 57′ 0” N, 2˚ 27′ 59.9998” W

The site is contained within Fetteresso Forest in Aberdeenshire.

  • The proposed development is summarised as follows:
  • Up to 10 wind turbines:
  • 4 at 200 m to tip height
  • 3 at 180 m to tip height
  • 3 at 149.9 m to tip height
  • Turbine foundations;
  • External transformer housing;
  • Crane pads;
  • Access tracks;
  • Underground electricity cables between the turbines and the onsite substations;
  • Anemometry mast;
  • Temporary borrow pits; and
  • Temporary construction and storage compounds and ancillary infrastructure.
  • Forest Felling and replanting;
  • Waste water and surface water drainage;
Existing Mid Hill Wind Farm

The proposed development will also make use of some of the existing access tracks and the operational building location that is already present at Mid Hill Wind Farm, thus extending the life of these elements.

During operation, Fetteresso Wind Farm would be operated as part of the Mid Hill Wind Farm development. The proposed lifespan of the project is estimated to be 35 years or more, after this time the project will then enter the phase of decommissioning.

The documents that comprise the Fetteresso Scoping Report can be viewed here:

Fetteresso Scoping Report