Status: In consent

Type of turbines: 10

Location: Hills of Turf Hill, The Builg and Mid Shanks, near Fetteresso Forest in Aberdeenshire

Map Coordinates: : 56°57'00.0"N 2°28'00.0"W

Fred. Olsen Renewables Ltd has submitted has submitted an Appeal to the Scottish Government Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals to develop Fetteresso Wind Farm, which is contained within the Fetteresso Forest in Aberdeenshire.

The Appeal documentation can be accessed here.

The proposed development consists of up to 10 turbines with varying tip heights, alongside site infrastructure including; roads, substation and wind monitoring mast. The turbine heights are:
• Six turbines at 149.9m to tip
• Two turbines at 180m to tip
• Two turbines at 200m to tip

The proposed development would make use of some of the existing access tracks and operational buildings that are already present at neighbouring Mid Hill Wind Farm.

We believe that Fetteresso Wind Farm can be an asset to the local area, and we are in discussions with the local community and key stakeholders about how the project can help to support the local economy and actively contribute towards Scotland, and the UK’s, renewable energy aspirations.

Fetteresso Wind Farm is anticipated to deliver a community benefit fund of £200,000 a year over the lifespan of the project. Our supply chain requirements provide huge economic opportunities for local businesses and there are significant employment opportunities in the construction period alone.

Please get in touch to share your ideas communities@fredolsen.co.uk


Planning Notices: 

Notice of submission of additional information

Notice of submission of the application

Additional Information Report:
Volume 1 AI Non-Technical Summary
Volume 2 AI Environmental Impact Assessment (text and figures)
Volume 3a AI Chapter 4 figures and visualisations
Volume 3b AI Chapter 4 and AI Chapter 5 figures and visualisations
Planning statement

Environmental Impact Assessment Report:
Volume 1 Non-Technical Summary
Volume 2 Environmental Impact Assessment Report (text and figures)
Volume 3a Chapter 8 figures and visualisations
Volume 3b Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 figures and visualisations
Volume 4 Technical Appendices
Planning Design and Access Statement
Pre-Application Consultation Report