Status: Operational

Number of turbines: 24

Type of turbines: Vestas V112 3.3 MW

Location: 20 km north-east of Vindeln

Map Coordinates: : 64°17'29.0"N 19°55'27.0"E

The wind farm at Fäbodliden is situated in the municipality of Vindeln, 20 km east of Vindeln city. The closest villages are Kamsjön in the north and Risliden to the south.

Fäbodliden Vindkraft has been fully operational since December 2015 and consist of 24 Vestas V112 3.3MW wind turbines. Hub height is 129 m. Expected generation is 271 GWh, delivered to the local grid owned by Vattenfall. The turbines are maintained under three years’ service agreement with Vestas.

Land agreements were signed with the four privately owned properties at the end of 2008. An EIS and consultation process was initiated and an environmental permit application was submitted to the County Board of Västerbotten at the beginning of 2010. After a consultation process, the County Board approved the project in 2011 and the wind farm was finally consented without any appeals.

A wind mast was erected at the end of 2010 and the ongoing anemometry data shows that the site has sufficient wind resource to make the wind farm economic.

A grid agreement with Vattenfall Eldistribution for grid connection was signed at the end of 2011.

In 2013 Fred. Olsen Renewables AB to the County Board of Västerbotten applied for a change in maximum height, due to the rapid development in turbine technology. The County Board approved the application without any appeals.

Clear-cutting for roads and the crane pads started in March 2014. Jemtska AB, a civil and electro contractor, arrived on site in August 2015 for the construction phase of the wind farm and the internal grid system. The different sections of the wind turbines; the nacelle, towers and wings were delivered to the port in Umeå at the beginning of August.   The Fäbodliden wind farm went fully operational in January 2016.