Codling Bank

Status: Consented
Number of Turbines: 220
Capacity: 1.1GW
Location: Irish Sea
Map Coordinates: 53˚ 6′ 0” N, 5˚ 46′ 0.012” W

Fred.Olsen Renewables is currently working with its Irish joint venture partners to construct its consented project to be known as Codling Wind Park.

The Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources granted a foreshore lease on 15th November 2005. The lease is valid for a term of 99 years.

The wind farm will be located to the east of the shallow sand bank known as Codling Bank, approximately 13 kilometres off the east coast of Ireland, between Greystones and Wicklow. The closest towns of Kilcoole and Greystones are both situated some 14.8 km from the wind farm area and Wicklow is situated 17 km to the southwest.


The 220 turbines will be arrayed in a grid pattern with the overall layout in the form of a block extending perpendicularly to the coastline. The consented layout comprises 14 rows.

The less technical overview is downloadable here –  

This gives this project a potential capacity of 1.1GW although this is subject to number and size of turbines available at the time the project goes into construction.

The distance to the Wylfa/Pentir sub-stations in Wales are around 100km.