Codling Bank II

Status: In Consent
Number of Turbines: 200
Type of Turbines: 5MW
Capacity: 1GW
Location: Irish Sea
Map Coordinates: 53˚ 6′ 0” N, 5˚ 46′ 0.0012” W

Codling Bank II will be an extension of the consented Codling Wind Park.

The application for consent for the wind farm extension has been submitted and is currently being actively processed by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The Codling Wind Park extension or Codling II (as it is sometimes called) is a proposed follow-on project to the consented Codling Bank Wind Farm and will be directly adjacent to the south of the first phase of the Codling Wind Park development.

Codling Wind Park Extension proposes the construction of further 200 wind turbine generators giving a potential capacity of up to 1GW of installed capacity although this is subject to number and size of turbines available at the time the project goes into construction.

The wind farm is offshore to the south-east of the shallow sandbank known as Codling Bank approximately 13 kilometres off the east coast of Ireland, between Greystones and Wicklow.

The water depths are between 11m and 18m in the area of the proposed wind farm. The closest town on the coast is Newcastle, situated some 13.8km from the wind farm and Wicklow is 17km to the south-west.