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Brockloch Rig III

Brockloch Rig III (Windy Standard III) received approval from Scottish Ministers in March 2021. The 20-turbine project is an extension to Brockloch Rig I (Windy Standard I) and Brockloch Rig Wind Farm (Windy Standard II). These three projects combined will deliver enough electricity to power the equivalent of 131,285 homes annually and deliver over £15m in a community benefit fund.

We look forward to working closely with local residents to make sure that the social and economic benefits of the project are realised, and maximised, locally.

Status Development
Number of turbines 20
Location Carsphairn Forest, Dumfries and Galloway, DG7 3UF
Installed capacity 80.8

Notice of Decision can be viewed here:

An Environmental Statement was prepared in support of the application. The documents are as follows: